Wednesday, October 10, 2012

'tis the season

Tired of putting up the same Christmas decorations in the same places?
Can't possibly think of any other way to use your existing decorations?
Let Burlap JunKtion help you this season!
Now booking for holiday decorating
Contact us via email....hurry, we're booking up fast!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

VintageKC Magazine

hot off the press the fall 2012 issue of VintageKC magazine.  a new magazine for us in kansas city created by editor Erin Shipps.  the fall issue is the second issue and i am beyond happy that my humble home was featured in it!

hello to all the new readers coming to the Burlap JunKtion blog from VintageKC Magazine!!

Monday, July 2, 2012

living with great style

when it comes to decorating, who doesn't love great style?
we all have our own interpretation of what great style is.

i love my style of decorating.  white, cream, brown and grey are my colors.  this way i can always mix furniture from one room to another.  i keep it simple.  i shop mostly garage sales, thrift stores and once a month i hit the stores down in the west bottoms.   buy only what you love and eventually your style will evolve. 

i also head to my local library for inspiration.  i check out stacks of decorating books to look at.  one of my new favorites is called Dwellings by Sills and Huniford.  my favorite quote of all time comes from this book:  "great style has nothing to do with your income level".

So don't worry, if you have Pottery Barn taste and a thrift store can still live with great style. 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

same name...different concept

Burlap JunKtion is back, but not as you know it.

For those of you that know Joan and I personally this news comes as no surprise.  When you visit our homes and see that they are constantly changing, you know what we love to do!  We love our homes and we love to change them up.  Not always buying new things but if we do ... it's been hunted down on the cheap, repainted, revamped or even pulled from the curb!

We took a break last June and closed our booth. (I know, I said it was just going to be for the summer....but...)  What we found we missed the most was constantly rearranging the booth.  The two of us work really well together and if I think it looks good one way, no doubt Joan has another idea to make it look better.  And vice-versa.  We could seriously eat and sleep decorating. 

So thank you to all of you who supported our booth.  Thank you to those who love our homes and say "just how do you do it?".  To those that are surprised and say "Didn't this used to be your dining room?"  Thank you to those that say we are good at what we do, that we have great taste and that YOU just can't possibly make it look as good as we can.  Thank you thank you thank you for pushing us to take on this new adventure.

Burlap JunKtion is now coming to you!  That's right, your house.  Your living room that you can't stand.  Your bedroom that just does nothing for you.  Your family room that just doesn't feel like you. 

Our main goal is to use what you have.  Help you to see your things in a new light, a new arrangement.  It's your home, and shouldn't you love it?!  We think so.  So many of you tell us, "I just need a little help".  We couldn't be happier to come in and do just that.

So if you live in the Kansas City area (or this summer, we're all about doing a few lake houses  *wink*) and need our help please leave a comment here on the blog or send us an email.  We'll get back with you and chat about all the logistics.

Sure feels good to be back!  Tell all your friends!

Kathi & Joan