Monday, July 2, 2012

living with great style

when it comes to decorating, who doesn't love great style?
we all have our own interpretation of what great style is.

i love my style of decorating.  white, cream, brown and grey are my colors.  this way i can always mix furniture from one room to another.  i keep it simple.  i shop mostly garage sales, thrift stores and once a month i hit the stores down in the west bottoms.   buy only what you love and eventually your style will evolve. 

i also head to my local library for inspiration.  i check out stacks of decorating books to look at.  one of my new favorites is called Dwellings by Sills and Huniford.  my favorite quote of all time comes from this book:  "great style has nothing to do with your income level".

So don't worry, if you have Pottery Barn taste and a thrift store can still live with great style.