Thursday, December 10, 2009

About our name...

The dictionary definition of junction is the act of joining; combining.... Which is exactly what my good friend Joan and I have done....joined our two small business' together. I will still continue designing and making trays for Tray Bella and she will carry on with her beautiful Turtle Soup serving pieces.
We also will join our love of junking into our new business, which is where the spelling of JunKtion comes into play. The capital J is for Joan and the capital K is for Kathi and the JunK...well that's a given. We both love to decorate our homes with hunted treasures, thrifted finds, stuff on the curb....what ever you want to call it, we call it junking.
Burlap? Well, we just love the rugged look, and the texture of burlap.
So, that's the story to our name.

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