Thursday, September 23, 2010

harvest moon : september sale at vintage market

our booth is all set up and ready for the Harvest Moon Sale at Vintage Market South!

we have recently painted two of our walls a super dark {almost black} gray.  it looks amazing!!  think i am going to have to find a wall in my house and paint it the same...i love it.  {sealskin by sherwin williams} is the exact color for those that visit our booth and love it too.

just a few photos of our booth...again, the entire store looks great.  pardon the blurry shots, i really need to find a new camera.  {getting the camera isn't the problem...finding the time to figure out how to use it and download the photos to my blogs is the real problem..ahem...yep, i am technically challenged most times}.

enjoy!  and if you're in Kansas City, please stop by this weekend.  AND even if you're not...i'm sure 'road trip' is in your vocabulary! 

love, love, loving the new wall color!!!


  1. Hi Kathi
    Thanks for stopping by and I might have a Large Vogue Tee....I still have not unpacked everything from the road trip. I also have a potting co tee so I guess we need to clarify....

    Vogue. Black, long sleeve, thermal $38
    Potting co. Brown, short sleeve $24

    Call the shop, 763.427.5321
    or email me

    thanks Lori